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NBA GOTD: Golden State Warriors vs Spurs

Posted on November 8th, by admin in Basketball. 2 comments

Today’s match-up is between the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs. Both teams are 4-1. Classic match-up of Youth vs Wisdom <- A clever way to say elderly.

2 Things to look for:

1. Steph Curry suffered a bone bruise and is listed as day to day. He probably will not play during this game. Let’s see which member of this dynamic roster will pick up some of the slack. Will it be Klay Thompson? Will it be Iggy? David Lee? Golden State is stacked so it could be anyone.

2. Iggy is the master of defense and will probably be matched up against Kawhi Leonard. Can Kawhi deal with Andre’s “like Glue” defense? We’ll see.


Fun Fact: The Golden State Warriors haven’t won a regular-season game in San Antonio in nearly 17 years.

I’m predicting that the Golden State Warriors win this game easily and breaks the curse. Besides the roster full of dynamic players, they can definitely out run the Spurs. They showed their speed against them during the playoffs last year. Even with the departure of Jarett Jack and injury to Steph Curry, they are still a great squad.

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